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6th Two-Day iBEDSSMA symposium in La Réserve Resort, Knokke – September 22 & 23, 2023
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Program 6th Two-Day iBEDSSMA symposium

Accreditation, including Ethics and Economics, requested for dentists as well as medical doctors.
Accreditation dentists approved:

  • 23016049 “Paediatric OSA: what’s new since the CHAT trial” & “Panel” (Stijn Verhulst & panel): Accrediteringseenheden 10, Deelgebied 1
  • 23016073 “The effect of oxybutynin and reboxetine on OSA: overview of the literature” & “Pharmacological therapy for OSA” & “Non-CPAP treatment in the interdisciplinary setting” (Margot Van Daele & Alain Volckaert & panel): Accrediteringseenheden 10, Deelgebied 1
  • 23016057 “Clinical and Scientific Evidence of MAD in treatment of OSA and use of construction bite” & “Effectively Treating OSA Using a Personalized and Precision Medicine (PPM)” (Guilio Bonetti & Olivier Vanderveken): Accrediteringseenheden 10, Deelgebied 5
  • 23016075 “Evaluation and Treatment of Nasal Airway Obstruction in patients with snoring and OSA” & “Electrical neurostimulation in OSA: effectiveness, reimbursement in Belgium & future perspectives” (Ed Wall & Olivier Vanderveken): Accrediteringseenheden 10, Deelgebied 1
  • 23016062 “The use of DISE as a predictor for OSA therapy with focus on MAD” & “Maxillomandibular and maxillofacial surgery for OSA: Review of Recent Literature” (Luis Aneyba & Ellen Collier): Accrediteringseenheden 10, Deelgebied 0

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